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Locally Owned and Operated

The Need For Regular Solar Panel Cleaning

The Results Are In: Increased Power Output

Kern Solar Panel Cleaning Company is proud to professionally service all of Kern County. With our trained hydro-technicians our team services residential and commercial solar panels to ensure your investment is working efficiently.

Our team is insured and bonded and trained for all accounts. We use only the best equipment that provide a deep clean to remove the earth that is taking down your maximum energy intake.

We are very grateful to clean our neighbors buildings and homes that is why we provide the best quality work so there is no other competition. You can count on KSP Cleaning Company to keep your solar panels cleaned and fully operational.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bakersfield, Solar Cleaning Bakersfield
Solar Panel Cleaning Bakersfield, Solar Cleaning Bakersfield
Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Bakersfield, Solar Cleaning Bakersfield

How to Clean Solar Panels

We Only Use “High Quality H2O”

We only use professional solar panel cleaning equipment and the purest reverse osmosis deionized water when cleaning your solar system. Using only clean, pure water leaves your panels 10x cleaner and SPOT FREE which keeps them clean for a longer period of time.

Spots, residue and film left behind by chemical cleaners and abrasives attract dust.

We never use any detergents or abrasives to clean solar panels as this degrades and damages them by adding buildup and/or scratches that affect power output.

Solar Panel Manufacturers recommend against using chemicals or detergents to clean your solar panels as these leave behind a sticky microfilm that attracts more dust and grime decreasing their efficiency. Abrasives damage the glass and can even void the warranty of your solar panels.

Tap water and rain will not keep solar panels running at maximum efficiency.

Protect Your PV Modules

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Solar Panels

“Cleaning PV panels is not the same as washing your windows. They are finely tuned energy producing instruments and must be treated with care. Using the right tools is critical to protect your solar investment and save money and increase the life of your solar electric system.”